Events & Meetups in Cebu

We regularly host events and meetups at The TIDE for various communties. We’re an inclusive community and most events are free of charge. The TIDE has a large meetup area for events (50-70 people) and two conference rooms.

Organize Your Own Meetup: Are you passionate about an interest and want to organize a meetup at The TIDE? For events that are free and open to anyone, we offer our space and an LCD Projector for free as a service to our community. Contact us for details and scheduling.

Speak at The TIDE: Is there a topic or experience that you would like to share with the community in Cebu? Contact us with info about yourself, why you think others would be interested, and we’ll even organize and market the event!

Upcoming Events:

See our The TIDE and The TIDE Facebook pages for event details.

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Times: 8 AM - 8 PM, Monday - Friday

Address: 7th Floor, Skyrise 1, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines
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7th Floor, Skyrise 1, IT Park, Cebu