Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.’s): Got Questions? We’ve got Answers!

Do I need to make a reservation to come visit The TIDE – to either check out the space or to become a member and start working?

No, there is no need to make a reservation or request! Just drop by anytime between 9 am and 6 pm on Mon-Fri. Come by to check out the space and facilities, or to just start working!

What is included with the daily, weekly or monthly memberships?

You get a chair, desk space, filtered water (hot, cold, and lukewarm), electricity, Internet, and a community of other interesting people!

Why is your cost so low, especially compared to other coworking places?

We’re a social enterprise and we started The TIDE to help various communities in Cebu – with a great place to get work done, network with others, and have a meeting space for events. All profits are re-used to make The TIDE better.

Why should I pay to use The TIDE when a café is free?

Café’s don’t have our awesome internet, are noisy, and don’t always have available electricity outlets. And, of course, there is no community at the café!

Are you open on 24/7?

Not at the moment. We currently operate Mondays through Fridays from 7am – 9pm. However, informally, The TIDE is usually open until 3am or 4am (depends on US daylight savings time) on US stock market working days (list of holidays) – but not guaranteed!

What’s the difference between the flex and fixed seats?

Other than the price, with the flex seats you can only occupy whichever is available in the first 4 rows, and you can’t leave stuff on your desk when you go home. So, you may well get a different seat the next day. The Fixed seats are dedicated for you for the month! You can also set up monitors and printers if you wish, given the space provided.

What are the inclusions of your packages?

Other than the space and awesome internet, we also provide you with chairs, free hot / cold water, access to restrooms. A locker if you have a fixed seat.

Do you have conference rooms?

We have two! For members, rates are P150 / 30 minutes for the small one, P200 / 30 minutes for the large one. Non-members rates are P200 / 30 minutes for the small one, P400 / 30 minutes for the large one.

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Times: 8 AM - 8 PM, Monday - Friday

Address: 7th Floor, Skyrise 1, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines
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7th Floor, Skyrise 1, IT Park, Cebu