Let’s build an amazing community at The TIDE by following these rules:

  2. The TIDE Cebu is a shared working and event space, not a serviced office or executive suite.
  3. Be kind and show respect to both members and visitors alike. The TIDE’s ability to survive and thrive depends on how you interact with others.
  4. Don’t touch other people’s things. Ask permission first.
  5. If you use the space (especially conference rooms) you need to pay. No guests allowed, except for lobby area and conference rooms. No pets as well.
  6. Collaborate and network with other members, but don’t sell any products or services to others.
  7. Don’t do anything illegal. Don’t bring drugs. No torrenting. No porn.
  8. Don’t abuse the Internet: don’t torrent or use downloading software. Let’s keep it amazing for everyone all the time.
  9. No smoking. Smoke outside the building or on the 8th floor.
  10. If you’re sick, go home and rest. Don’t share your bugs.
  11. Clean as you go.
  12. Don’t be a jerk.
  13. You break it, you bought it.
  14. Help us save the environment – Sort your trash into the proper bins.
  15. Observe the building’s dress code (no above the knee shorts and flip flops). You are welcome to go more casual in The TIDE, but keep it reasonable and respectful to those around you.

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Email us: info@TheTIDECebu.com